Tuesday, April 15, 2008


A certain woman named Rose, phoned my place to inquire about a cooking ware which I am selling. She said she wants to give it as a wedding gift to her son who just got married.

We talked for sometime, then, after a while she sounded differently, as if she’s having a problem which she can’t bring it to the open. I asked her, “Are you okay?” She didn’t answer right away, as if she is sensing if I could be trusted or not. So, I told her she has nothing to worry about, “try me”, I said.

After that, she revealed to me that she’s married with two daughters, but she’s having a relationship with another man, and she loves that man more then her husband, who’s working somewhere in Dubai right now. Her problem is that, the other man is also married with two children and the wife have just found out about their relationship. So, there was a big fight between the wife and her. She was told by the wife that her husband was just doing some gold digging on her. It is so happened that Randy, the other man, borrowed some two thousand dollars from her. The wife statement had prompted her to ask Randy for the payment of that money he borrowed. And because of that, the two of them had a heated argument that leads to separation, after having a relationship for more than two years. And, she felt that her world was shattered, she’s crying day and night… remembering those sweet moments with Randy.

But I told her, “don’t you think that you should be thankful for what happened?” “Both of you are married, and what you’re doing is adultery which is against the law of GOD”. Maybe, I said, “it’s time for you to think of your husband and kids, start a new life with them and try to be a good mother and wife.”

She’s trying all her best now to forget Randy, but she’s really having a hard time doing just that. So, my advice to her is; “try to think of any bad moments with Randy and get rid of all the things that will make her remember him, but most of all pray hard and ask the guidance of the “Almighty God”.

After that revelation, we became friends and we always talk about her own family, although, once in a while she still remember the old days with her other man.